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Sendloop Integration

This short guide will help you integrate with Sendloop. It's simple and will make it possible for you to directly import your lists from Sendloop to BulkEmailVerifier.

This integration requires you to have a BulkEmailVerifier account, that you can create over here. It will also only work if you have a Sendloop account, if you do not have one yet, you can create one here.

Step 1: Get your API Key

After you logged into your Sendloop account go to Settings

Click on API Setting on Settings menu

Create a new API key then copy it

Step 2: connect to your BulkEmailVerifier account.

Log in

You will now need to click on the "New" button on the dashboard.

When this is done, just click the "Connect Integration" option then select Sendloop from the options.

Step 3: Connect to Sendloop integration.

Copy your Sendloop API Key and hit the Submit button

Click Import List next to the list you want to import and verify.

Updated on: 14/09/2023